Join us for our inaugural

HALT Summer Summit

Saturday, July 15,  2017, 8:30 am–1:30 pm

Executive Dining Room (2nd floor – see map), Campus Center

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa


At our spring conference, we have our formal research & pedagogy presentations. At our fall symposium, we have our hands-on tech workshops. At our new summer summit, HALT language educators will be able to have informal “talk story” roundtable discussion sessions on current topics of interest in language education, followed by a networking lunch, and our new annual HALT general business meeting (an opportunity to have your voice heard or get involved with future directions for HALT).


Registration deadline: July 7, 2017. (Limited onsite registration also available).


8:30-9:00:  Registration
9:00-9:45:  Opening Plenary Talk – “Cultivating Core Practices” by Lyanne Terada
10:00-10:30:  Roundtable Session 1 (select topic table of your choice – 4 concurrent roundtables)
10:40-11:10:  Roundtable Session 2 (select topic table of your choice – 4 concurrent roundtables)
11:20-11:50:  Roundtable Session 3 (select topic table of your choice – 4 concurrent roundtables)
12:00-1:00:  Buffet Lunch
1:00-1:30:  General Business Meeting



“Cultivating Core Practices” by Lyanne Terada

This journey of personal and professional growth will validate, inform and hopefully inspire your own progress as an individual, an educator, and a World Language advocate. Based on ACTFL’s six Core Practices, Lyanne will address these high-leverage practices that will help our profession move toward proficiency-based education. In addition, she will also talk about leadership, second language acquisition, and implications for the classroom.

Lyanne Terada, originally from the state of Hawai`i, is a Spanish teacher at Horizon High School in Thornton, Colorado. She is a National Board Certified teacher, adjunct faculty for the CU Succeed Gold Program with the University of Colorado at Denver, and on the Board of Directors as a secondary representative for the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers. She has her Masters of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching from Southern Oregon University in Guanajuato, México.



Topic facilitators will lead discussions at their respective tables, and attendees are encouraged to participate in the group sharing, contributing their ideas, strategies, and knowledge. The sessions will be very much “talk story” in nature. Attendees will only be able to attend 3 topic sessions in total, but volunteer notetakers will record all the useful ideas generated at each table, and all notes from all tables will be shared afterwards with attendees via Google Drive.

We encourage attendees to bring laptops with them. WiFi will be available in the room.

1) Teaching Strategies/Approaches (Facilitator: Lyanne Terada)

  • What do you think are some of the best practices for teaching in the language classroom and what do you do in your classroom to bring them about?
  • What are effective ways to encourage target language usage in the classroom?
  • What areas do you struggle with or could use fresh ideas for in your language classroom?
  • How important do you think grammar or pronunciation should be in language instruction?
2) Activities for the Language Classroom (“Activity Swap Meet”) (Facilitator: Nancy Wysard)
  • What’s a good activity to do for _____?
  • What area do you have difficulty coming up with good activities for?
  • What are the most successful (and easiest) communicative activities to do?
  • What is a favorite game or activity you do in the language classroom?
  • What are ways to spice up homework or routine classroom activities?
3) Resources for the Language Classroom (Facilitator: Rachel Mamiya Hernandez)
  • What are some good open educational resources (OERs) you know of? How do you use them in your language class?
  • What are some good community-based resources (places, services, groups) you may know of? How do you use them in your language class?
  • What are good resources for literature/media for the language classroom?
  • What do you have students do with these resources?
4) Rubrics/Standards (Facilitator: Stephen L. Tschudi)
  • How do you implement the ACTFL Can-Do Statements in your language classroom? What rubrics do you use for them?
  • What are good resources for developing rubrics?
  • How do you create streamlined rubrics?
  • Other forms of assessments you use?
5) Classroom & Group Management Strategies (Facilitator: Paul M. Chandler)
  • What classroom management strategies do you employ in your classroom? Why? What do you think is effective about them?
  • How do you get students to speak more in the target language in class? Outside of class?
  • What do you do if students have differing levels of participation in group work?
6) Hawaii Specific Trends and Issues (Professional Development) (Facilitator: Lynette Fujimori)
  • The Seal of Biliteracy: How can we best implement it in HI?
  • What types of Professional Development opportunities are available in HI (also regionally and nationally)?
  • What do HI teachers need/want in terms of Professional Development? Where can they get it?
  • What professional/employment issues in HI are you concerned about?
  • How can a teacher be a language advocate in HI schools?



Please join us for our post-lunch general business meeting, where you can hear about HALT’s future initiatives and provide ideas and feedback.



Deadline for receipt of registration and payment is July 7, 2017. (Limited onsite registration also available).

Coffee & tea service will be provided in the morning and a buffet lunch consisting of Broccoli Chicken, Pork Teriyaki, Curried Sesame Tofu & Vegetables, Vegetarian Lo Mein, and rice is included in the registration fee.




On-campus parking is a $6 flat rate on Saturdays. You can purchase a parking pass from any of the available parking guard kiosks (see “guest pass pickup” spots on map). Attendees may park in available stalls on Upper Campus near Campus Center or in the Lower Campus Parking Structure (few minutes’ walk).

For more information on UH Mānoa Visitor Parking, click here


Picture of 2017 HALT Summer Summit presenters and attendees

2017 HALT Summer Summit presenters and attendees