HALT Award for Excellence in Teaching Nomination Criteria

The Hawai‘i Association of Language Teachers (HALT) is seeking nominations for its Excellence in Teaching Award. The awards are made to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of second language teachers in teaching and promoting Hawaiian and foreign languages in the State of Hawai‘i. The recipients will be honored during a special presentation at the HALT Spring Conference

Guidelines for Nominations:

  • The awards are open to language teachers at all levels: elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. Candidates must be full-time world language Pre-K-12 teachers or Postsecondary instructors or professors.
  • Candidates must spend at least 50% of their teaching duty in direct teaching of languages (with no more than half of the language teaching percentage being the teaching of English Language Learners).
  • Candidates cannot at the time of such nomination or selection be also nominated for a position on the ACTFL/SWCOLT Board of Directors nor nominated for an award given by ACTFL/SWCOLT for the year in which that candidate would be placed in eligibility for the ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year.
  1. Up to two winners will be selected: one from K-12 and one from higher education.
  2. Nominees and nominators must be members of HALT in good standing, and nominations must be made by a minimum of two HALT members by January 11, 2023.
  3. Nominators, please use our online nomination form to nominate your candidate. Nomination deadline: January 11, 2023
  1. Nominees, please download a copy of the HALT Excellence Checklist (Portfolio Requirement Checklist). You can also download a copy of the HALT Excellence Rubric.
  2. The portfolio requirements are due by March 1, 2023. Please submit your portfolio digitally to william.smith@k12.hi.us A link to a google drive folder would be preferable. Please make sure that the document settings are set so we can access them. Please title each document the following way: lastname_firstname_document name. For example Smith_Will_Coverletter
  3. The names of nominees and nominations will be held in confidence.
  4. No incomplete or late applications accepted.

Portfolio requirements:

  1. Cover Page: nomination completed by HALT member (you will receive a copy of the submitted nomination form via email from HALT)
  1. HALT commitment page: signed and completed (HALTAwardcommitmentform rev)
  1. Curriculum Vitae: not to exceed five (5) pages – Your CV should include information on your contributions and/or participation in professional organizations such as district, state, or higher – level language organizations AND what those contributions are
  1. One-page letter of recommendation from all of the following: supervisor, student, and former parent or student
  1. Personal statement: 500 word personal statement on the value of learning languages and developing cultural competence for all learners
  1. Two samples of student work (scanned, audio/video file or provide link) and reflection on the student work: maximum of four (4) pages providing a written reflection about two individual student examples and how they:

Demonstrate current best practices of language teaching and learning to include the integration of the World Readiness Standards for learning Languages (5 C’s); encourage the appropriate proficiency level use of the target language by the teacher and by the students; provide the effective use of feedback including, but not limited to, rubrics.

  1. Response to questions (each question can have a response of up to two (2) pages):
  • How does the teacher engage and encourage students in language related and culture related activities beyond the classroom, including strategies that are appropriate for students at different levels of instruction?
  • How do the samples of student work reflect the teacher’s personal statement on the value of learning languages and culture for all learners?
  1. Documentation of Professional Involvement: Professional involvement documentation examples to include, but not limited to, certificates, newspaper articles, letters, and links to video. Said documentation should not exceed four (4) pages and will:
  • Demonstrate professional growth and involvement in professional organizations.
  • Provide evidence of a variety of leadership experiences, including advocacy.
  1. Reflection on professional involvement documentation: Reflection should not exceed two (2) pages:
  • Describe and analyze significance and impact on you as a teacher.
  • Describe and analyze the significance and impact on student learning and on language learning in your school and/or complex or state.

Any questions, please email Will Smith

Will Smith

HALT Awards Coordinator